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Bright mornings

Scandalize Lairy Dress exclusive for @FaMESHed event Scandalize Lairy Boots for @FaMESHed event Pantyhose White with Snowflakes at @Marketplace Truth Surrender Hair Liz Shape for Genus Project Baby Face and Maitreya Lara Body at @Marketplace

My Blue Dream


In a secluded place


In the end the only person you can count on is yourself

Special day

Look at me


Beauty and the Beast

Game Over

In the depths of the sea


Sometimes I feel nostalgic and miss when I was a girl

It would be scandalous to describe what you make me feel

Would you like a glass of wine?

Summer days

I See You

My Secret Garden

Enjoy Today

Time to decorate!

The Violinist

The African Queen

Rosie Crusoe

What up?

What heat!

I always have you in thought