Diary of a traveler, chapter 1

Today I came to Lost Lagoon. It took me a while to convince the travel agency that I had to come with my essential luggage. I'm still waiting for part of him to arrive ...While I wait I will give a visit to this lovely place. Its people have welcomed me well. It has infinite flora and fauna to discover.
I've been here for a few hours and I've already shared time with these splendid elephants. I have great admiration for these beings.
Now I tell you the outfit that I have chosen for today

Scandalize Erikeha Top for @Vanity event
Scandalize Erikeha Shirt for @Vanity event
Scandalize Erikeha Short for @Vanity event
Mosquito's Way - Darcy Boots
Stealthic Purity Hair
Liz Shape for Genus Project Baby Face and Maitreya Lara Body at @Marketplace

Part of my luggage:

.:Tm:. Creation [Our Moment] Crates ADT w/ decors Scene S44.a exclusive for @Unik event
Scene with crates pillows, blanket, books, food, flowers
Land Impact: 6
Approximate size mt: 2.5 width x 1 dept
100% Mesh - Permission: COPY | MODIFY | NO TRANSFER
Exclusive for UniK Event (Open 7th 1PM SLT to 28th November, 2019)



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